We prepared the vegetable compost for the wooden boxes


”Make your wagon in winter and your sledge in the winter” says a Romanian proverb and we conform by preparing a vegetable compost that will fill the wooden boxes – a substitute for hollow trees.

Boxes filled with decaying plant and wood material mimic hollow trees and will provide suitable environment for the reproduction of saproxylic insects that naturally colonize tree-rich cavities in nutrients.

The content of the box with a volume of about 40 liters is made of a mixture of natural materials forming the substrate normally used by saproxylic insects: 60% sawdust (of the host plant), 30% dried leaves of the host plant (beech or oak), 10% finely chopped hay, 500 ml alfalfa flour, 500 ml oats and 5 L water. The mixture is now stored in the project field station in Lepșa, in large polypropylene bags, from where it will be transported, in the spring, to the boxes mounted on trees.