We discover one by one more specimens of hermit beetles


„Great heat, mon cher!” … on the altitudinal transect for monitoring saproxylic insects, but we don’t give up!

Energized by the curiosity of opening each trap, we discover one after another specimens of hermit beetles (Osmoderma eremita), some captured for the first time and some recaptured second or third time all being marked with a color specific to each trap. Within the LIFEROSALIA project, insects are captured, measured, marked, photographed and released back into their habitat.

In addition, we map the habitat in which trapping point we find these species in order to better understand their ecological requirements and to be able to correctly establish the conservation measures applicable in Natura 2000 sites where habitats are not very favorable for the existence of these insect species known as being essential for maintaining the balance of natural ecosystems.